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The PTO is a group of Lamplighters parents who got together to enhance our children’s learning and spiritual experience, bring more resources to our school including special programs, and enhance meaningful dialogue in the school community.

Last year, the PTO planned Rosh Chodesh programs, a Chanukah party and Purim event, organized Mitzvah Tanks and a Hey Teves book fair, and coordinated UPLIFT chessed programs, like pairing elementary students as pen pals with Shluchim’s children, class visits to the elderly, and care packages for the IDF. The purpose of these programs isn’t merely to create wonderful memories for our children but to provide experiences that would deepen their connections to Torah and Chassidic values and to give them opportunities to practice responsibility as Lamplighters of the world.

The PTO was also formed to establish channels of communication among parents, and between parents and teachers and staff so that the school can maintain its tight-knit, community feel, where parents feel comfortable asking questions and giving feedback to the school.

And, of course, the PTO also functions to make parents’ lives easier, by organizing mid-year and end-of-year teacher gifts.

We would love your input in a formal capacity (joining the PTO) or informal capacity (volunteering to partake in some of the PTO programs). We hope to hear from you!



Ricky Tzivin-Gaerman
Chana Shaffer-Minkowitz
Chani Rogatsky
Ellie Drew
Chaya Eckhaus
Rochie Korolitzky
Shaindel Siev
Sima Yarmush
Faigy Scheiner

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