In November 2009, humble seeds of change were planted. A group of Crown Heights parents allowed themselves to dream, to envision a new educational experience for their children.

They banded together to create a new school that would turn the famous adage by King Solomon, "Educate a child respecting his or her individuality" from a slogan into a reality; a place where the whole child would be nurtured and cultivated; a space where teachers would be empowered and provided tools that enable them to reach every child; an environment where parents and educators would work in unison, with aligned values and putting the children first - always first; a home full of warmth and love where every student would be seen -- and celebrated -- as an individual, a unique world.

To gather, and to raise, a vibrant community of children as well as adults, empowered to be confident, committed Jews instilled with the responsibility to light up the world.

to be lamplighters

Our inaugural class consisted of twelve boys, ages 3-5. Within a few short years, Lamplighters Yeshivah houses over 130 students including a growing preschool, boys and girls elementary schools, a revolutionary training center for educators in Jewish Montessori, as well as ongoing research and development of a replicable, fully-customizable model of education that addresses the needs of every child in the classroom. We are creating a paradigm that is transforming Jewish education across the spectrum of Jewish communities.

In the heart of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a revolution has been born. Not just for one school or one community, it’s illumination is already reaching Jewish communities everywhere.  Through the dynamic synthesis of Chassidut, Montessori methodology, and behavioral science, Lamplighters Yeshivah is learning how to reveal the essence of every student; to encourage him and her to discover and pursue their interests; to facilitate the formation of their own identities and interpersonal relationships; and to cultivate a deep sense of responsibility to themselves, to family, community, humanity -- and to G-d.  

This is Lamplighters Yeshivah.