Lamplighters Coaching

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As part of our open door policy, and our mission to revolutionize the world of Jewish Education, Lamplighters offers one-on-one coaching for educators world-wide. We've learned quite a bit from our experience in building a progressive school community from the ground up, and are eager to share our knowledge with you. 

Want advice on:

  • Starting a school
  • How to structure your admissions process
  • Creating a culture of change
  • Turning your school into a place for community activism
  • Fundraising strategy

Speak to Yocheved Sidof, our Founding Executive Director  

Want advice on:

  • Training and empowering your teachers
  • Structuring curriculum design meetings
  • Parent communications
  • School and Classroom design
  • Implementing Montessori in your school
  • What Montessori can bring to all Jewish Schools

Speak to Rivkah Schack, our Head of School

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