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Donor Engagement Associate

Are you seeking purpose-driven work where you’re an integral part of a vision-centric team? Do you love forming relationships with people and moving them toward increased investment in a common mission? Are you a fast learner? Enjoy asking for money or other kinds of investment? Have the ability to drive projects from start to completion? Employ creative and organized communication skills? 


Development is a key competency at Lamplighters Yeshivah that extends beyond cash flow to making a rich network of connections among many communities. 

The Donor Engagement Associate is a key part of our Development team and will create and support fundraising initiatives and networks to help foster the growth and reach of Lamplighters Yeshivah. This is a 60%/40% balance of front-line fundraising and taking lead on the organizational back-end of our development work. 

Below are some of the general duties of the Donor Engagement Associate and the organizational dynamics at Lamplighters. Please note that there might be other duties that the team would need assistance with that will be mutually discovered. 

  • Close collaboration with our Executive Director and others to support current development programs, as well as create and implement fresh fundraising initiatives for the school. 
  • On lead to manage donor CRM. Includes regular data input, creative uses of the data to generate new prospects and analytics for evaluating development initiatives. (Training support offered for CRM.) 
  • Cultivate strong relationships with key stakeholders, including making direct solicitations on behalf of the school (ie the Torchbearers initiative which are recurring, monthly donors to Lamplighters) 
  • Provide general administrative support in development initiatives. 
  • Mutual growth goals will be set with the Executive Director that impact the personal and strategic goals of the team members accountable for development. 

The Lamplighters environment is generally made up of self managing teams. All team members are expected to learn from each other and teach each other. They are accountable to other teams for results. 


2-3 years in a department primarily accountable for raising money. 
Experience with asking for financial support for a business or organization. 
Has a genuine interest in growing by learning from others. 
Excellent organizational skills and able to help others optimize their workflow through mutual collaboration. 
Ability to multitask. 
Excellent teamwork skills. 
Drawn to an environment that supports self-management. 
Passion for making a difference in the education of children. 
Passion for personal growth. 


“Lamplighters Yeshivah is reclaiming school as a learning community, focused around our children. Rooted in Torah and infused with a process of questioning and experimentation, we nurture every child in realizing their Divine mission--applying their will, mind, heart and talents in the service of the Creator. In turn, they will do the same for others. This is Lamplighting.” 

At Lamplighters, we are rethinking schools as living, breathing centers of learning and connection that value flexibility and adaptability. We are an experimental learning community engaged in rigorous research, data collection, curriculum development, and teacher training to customize the whole learning environment for every child; a replicable model poised to change the future of Jewish education. We aim to empower and transform Jewish education across the spectrum of Jewish community, moving schools of purveyors of information to integral focal points of dynamic community. 

Ultimately, the most important number at Lamplighters is One: our core belief that we do not fit a child into a school; rather, we customize the school to fit the needs of every child. It starts with one. And through this dynamic, holistic model of Jewish education, we come to reveal the inherent unity of all creation, wholeness within the world, our community, our families and ourselves. 


Duration: full-time
Salary Range: $55000 to $65000
Benefits: Paid vacation, sick leave, parental leave, leave early for Shabbat, kosher food option available
Other Benefits: Be an integral part of a vibrant vision-centric, collaborative team.
Preferred Experience: 3 Years Experience
Preferred Degree: Bachelors


To apply for this job, please email apply@lamplightersyeshivah.com with the subject: Donor Engagement Associate Position, a cover letter, and your attached resume. 

Teaching positions

We are currently not hiring any teachers or teacher's assistants for preschool or elementary. But feel free to email us with your resume and your dream position at Lamplighters in the occasion that something does open up! 

Email: apply@lamplightersyeshivah.com