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“Lamplighters Yeshivah is reclaiming school as a learning community, focused around our children. Rooted in Torah and infused with a process of questioning and experimentation, we nurture every child in realizing their Divine mission--applying their will, mind, heart and talents in the service of the Creator. In turn, they will do the same for others. This is Lamplighting.”

At Lamplighters, we are rethinking schools as living, breathing centers of learning and connection that value flexibility and adaptability. We are an experimental learning community engaged in rigorous research, data collection, curriculum development, and teacher training to customize the whole learning environment for every child; a replicable model poised to change the future of Jewish education. We aim to empower and transform Jewish education across the spectrum of Jewish community, moving schools of purveyors of information to integral focal points of dynamic community. 

Ultimately, the most important number at Lamplighters is One: our core belief that we do not fit a child into a school; rather, we customize the school to fit the needs of every child. It starts with one. And through this dynamic, holistic model of Jewish education, we come to reveal the inherent unity of all creation, wholeness within the world, our community, our families and ourselves. 

Are you excited by the vision of Lamplighters Yeshivah? We're more than a school... We are a lab school that is researching innovative curriculum models to customize education for every child. And the vibe here is one of a tech start-up: lots of energy, new ideas, risk-taking and upward growth.

The perks of working at Lamplighters Yeshivah:

Joining our team is joining a movement, a community of like-minded pioneers who are on a quest to bring customizable education to all children. You will be embraced into a strong culture of support, shared values and care. Our school feels like a home, its members like family.

Kosher food on the daily, early dismissal on Fridays, paid holidays, sick leave, parental leave and vacations.

positions available:

Executive Administrator


The function of this role is to work alongside the educational, financial and development teams at Lamplighters to provide administrative support.


You are:

  • Highly organized, detail oriented, efficient, able to multitask, and work in an unpredictable environment

  • Someone creative, an out of the box thinker, solutions oriented and comfortable taking risks

  • A person who is excited by new initiatives and problem solving, a self-starter, hard working, driven and a go-getter

  • A Go-Getter

  • A Fast Learner

  • A Problem Solver

  • Responsible

  • Sharp

  • Highly Committed

  • A Team Player

  • Detail Oriented

  • Creative and love to solve problems

  • Maybe even a Perfectionist and a workaholic (many of our staff members are innately like this)

  • Entrepreneurial

  • Driven

  • Always Striving Higher

  • An Initiative Taker

  • Always looking to learn something new

  • Easy to work with, fun!

  • Not afraid to make a mistake and ask questions

  • Happy to be surrounded by children

Skills & Qualifications:

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills

  • Highly organized and able to manage multiple systems

  • Experience in high stress, flexible, evolving environments a plus


At Lamplighters, we believe that instructional staff at our schools should be free to focus on providing our students with a high-quality education. The administrative arm at Lamplighters support schools by maintaining efficient systems and removing obstacles, ensuring that our teachers and executive leadership can concentrate on educating our students. However, we have a very holistic perspective on education. Anyone that interacts with children in our school can, in certain very real sense, also be considered a teacher. Montessori education makes use of all modalities in its learning environment. So the operations team must also view themselves as potential teachers, even while they are concentrating on maintaining efficient systems. 


As the  Executive Administrator, you work to ensure the effective operation of all non-academic aspects of the school. You are responsible to manage and implement systems that engender order, optimal productivity, and cohesiveness within all school operations. You are the mastermind of the school schedule and manage the school’s inventory and purchasing. You ensure seamless logistics for all events and activities. You make sure in countless ways that your school staff is supported to do the work of educating students as well as possible. You are a team player who will work intimately with the school faculty, Heads of School, Head of Finance and Executive Director in working to grow our school in the best manner possible.  But more than that, you set the tone for the warmth, love of children, passion and professionalism that our school seeks to epitomize.   

Our ideal candidate understands the nuances of school culture and has demonstrated leadership and project management skills. You are a smart, motivated high-performer, with excellent problem solving and organization skills, attention to detail, and customer service focus. You quickly build strong relationships with everyone you work with. You get around any obstacle in order to accomplish ambitious goals. You thrive as part of a dynamic, vision-centric and committed team.


The Lamplighters environment is generally made up of autonomous, self managing teams. All team members are expected to be self-starters, learn from each other and teach each other. They are accountable to other teams for results. 

Below are some of the general duties of the Executive Administrator. Please note that there might be other duties that the leadership team needs assistance with:

Financial Management Tasks:

  • Research, apply and manage the collection of all available public and private grant programs for LL 

  • Act as the purchasing department for the school and working with financial team to ensure actual v budget goals are met. 

  • Act as a liaison between finance team and parents in the process of tuition issues (collection, customer service, enrollment process oversight)

Facilities Management:

  • Oversee and manage the maintenance and janitorial teams in place.

  • Maintain a working relationship with the property manager and neighboring tenants to ensure smooth relations 

  • Overseer and manage any outside vendors related to facilities (plumbing, electrical, construction, etc)

Programming/Community Engagement:

  • Properly plan and coordinate with the finance team to ensure programming events run smoothly from an operational and financial point of view 

Legal Compliance: 

  • Leading and supporting team in managing compliance issues such as the Department of Health and Department of Education challenges as needed (Medical records, school building codes, fire safety, etc) 

  • Must ensure that the school follows all other regulations set by local, state and federal authorities.

Human Resources:

  • Work with Head of School and CEO on handling HR issues (contract compliance, onboarding staff and parents, supporting staff as needed, working with the finance team to collect proper forms and supply staff with documentation as needed)


  • Maintain inquiry, enrollment, and attrition database

  • Oversee and manage the admissions process (schedule tours, send out application forms and tuition contracts, interface with prospective parents ,etc)


Duration: Full-time
Salary Range: 38k-42k including paid vacations.


To apply for this job, please email apply@lamplightersyeshivah.com with a cover letter, and your attached resume.

After school program instructors

We're looking to fill our after school program calendar with extra curricular classes that encourage our students to explore new passions! We want to give our Lamplighters more unique opportunities to develop creatively, to learn technical skills and to enjoy more physical outlets.

We are looking for instructors who are passionate about art, music, technology, nature, pottery, carpentry, sports or have any useful skills that they can offer to our students in an engaging and exciting kid friendly way! 

Interested in being an after school instructor? Email sara@lamplightersyeshivah.com with your resume and the skill you can offer to teach our students!