"Souls are ready and waiting to be kindled... to help them shine is the role of a Jew"
--The Lubavitcher Rebbe, on being a Lamplighter


The Jewish people are one body. Every single Jewish child counts. And if being a Jew means finding and connecting to one’s deeper purpose in life and then using this connection as fuel to transform the world-- then a Jewish child’s educational experience has to be successful! But in education there are no one- sized-fits-all solutions, especially when teaching purpose and values. Intrinsic to our Jewish educational heritage is an understanding that children learn differently. That means today, in an era of more avenues of teaching technology to support this process than ever, we must finally actualize our goal to guide every single Jewish child in the path of his potential.  

This is Lamplighters Yeshivah, a lab school community of educators, parents, children and
change-agents who are on a journey of customized Jewish education for every child.

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