FlameFund: Tuition Assistance at Lamplighters

Among our core principles at Lamplighters Yeshivah is to provide quality education to children of diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. We recognize there are parents who require financial assistance in the form of a tuition scholarship and work to provide that relief. We also nurture a culture where every family is paying their at their maximum possible investment.

In order to maintain a healthy budget, Lamplighters Yeshivah has a specific amount of funds allotted toward tuition assistance. Therefore, the scholarship process will be conducted with great due diligence in order to ensure scholarship funds are distributed in the most fair manner: aid will be awarded based on each families' needs, as well as Lamplighters Yeshivah's FlameFund budget, so that as many families as possible who are in need of tuition assistance can receive some aid. 

The Tuition Assistance Committee will keep this process confidential and will perform its due diligence and determinations in a thoughtful manner. We ask our parents to consider their requests just as earnestly.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is financial aid awarded?

Lamplighters Yeshivah uses FACTS, a thorough and systemized online platform, to help assess aid allotment while still maintaining a deep level of respect for our families.

Once a family applies for aid via FACTS, their application is moved to a second phase if they request beyond $3,000 of assistance. This second phase consists of:

  • The applying family will fill out another, more in-depth, application that includes the family’s personal narrative around why they are requesting this level of aid.

  • The application is then reviewed by three members of the Lamplighters board. Any identifying information with remain anonymous to the committee. Lamplighters executive leadership staff will be present at the committee review meetings to provide any additional, pertinent information about applying families to support their application.

  • The committee will decide on aid allotment. Families receive an email with the financial aid offer, which includes volunteer hours.

  • Once families accept the offer and commit to volunteer hours they will then be directed to FACTS to sign the tuition contract and select a payment plan.

Who may apply for financial aid?

Anyone who has applied for admission may apply for financial aid.

Does applying for financial aid influence the admission decision?

No. Financial aid files are reviewed and awards are made only after a student is admitted. However, financial aid requests must be submitted with the tuition contract and deposit in order for an award to be considered. If a student is neither admitted nor placed on the waitlist, the financial aid file is shredded and destroyed.

How much is tuition at Lamplighters Yeshivah?

Preschool: $12,500
Elementary: $14,000
Middle School: $14,500
Mesivtah: $14,500