Chanukah at Lamplighters!

Hi Parents!

A few people have been asking if there is a committee or class moms collecting money for Chanukah presents/gelt for teachers. Based on the few years I've been involved in this as an intermediary, and just random convos with both teachers and parents, here’s my thought:

The general goal of the Chanukah present is to SHOW APPRECIATION FOR OUR TEACHERS

I think teachers appreciate the individual thought and appreciation from parents and students no matter what the present is or the amount of gelt in the card is.

This year, instead of collecting for a mass present, we just wanted to remind all of our LL parents of our value to use Chanukah as a way to show appreciation to our children's teachers in all forms, no matter how big or small, whether with Chanukah gelt, a small present, baked goods, or just a card-- make sure that you show appreciation this Chanukah!

For your convenience, I’ve listed all of the staff members below with their magic cash app links! (If you are using cash app— don't forget to send your teacher a cute text to go along with it to make sure that they know it’s there!)

Happy Chanukah!
Sara Gee

LL general staff

LL support staff

LL preschool staff

LL Elementary Staff Boys

LL Elementary Staff GIRLS