Our Mission

Lamplighters Yeshivah is reclaiming school as a learning community, focused around our children.

Rooted in Torah and infused with a process of questioning and experimentation, we nurture every child in realizing their Divine mission--applying their will, mind, heart and talents in the service of the Creator.

In turn, they will do the same for others. This is Lamplighting.

Our Story

In the heart of Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a revolution has been born. Not just for one school or one community, but for Jewish communities near and far. Through the dynamic synthesis of Jewish teachings, Montessori methodology, and behavioral science, Lamplighters Yeshivah is learning how to reveal the essence of every student; to encourage him and her to discover and pursue their interests; to facilitate the formation of their own identities and interpersonal relationships; and to cultivate a deep sense of responsibility to themselves, to family, community, humanity -- and to G-d.

This is Lamplighters Yeshivah.

At Lamplighters, we are rethinking schools as living, breathing centers of learning and connection that value flexibility and adaptability. We recognize the importance of ‘hard data,’ assessment protocols and careful documentation, yet we also recognize the role of the ‘white space’: nuance, anecdote, the sense that nothing is still and there is always something left to learn. Through our experimental model, we are researching and developing a fully customizable model of education that can empower and transform Jewish education across the spectrum of Jewish community, moving schools of purveyors of information to integral focal points of dynamic community.

Ultimately, the most important number at Lamplighters is One: our core belief that we do not fit a child into a school; rather, we customize the school to fit the needs of every child. It starts with one. And through this dynamic, holistic model of Jewish education, we come to reveal the inherent unity of all creation, wholeness within the world, our community, our families and ourselves.

Since we came into being, we witnessed firsthand how education is an organic, living journey that must be tailored to each child— for one seed, nurtured, grows strong roots which give rise to a forest of mighty trees. We started as a seed. And from this seed sprouted a movement.

Our Impact

Our inaugural class consisted of 12 boys, ages three to five. Within a few short years, Lamplighters Yeshivah housed over 130 students including a growing preschool, boys and girls elementary schools, and in 2017, the first ever fully accredited, integrated Jewish Montessori training course-- and the development and refinement of a fully-customizable model of education that addresses the needs of every child underscores every aspect of our mission. Our school is regarded as a model for peer institutions nationwide, and our guidance to hundreds of day school professionals is inspiring a new generation of young Jewish learners and educators. We are piloting a fully customizable model with the aim of impacting the wider field of education across the diverse spectrum of Jewish communities worldwide.