lamplighters after school programming


Ladies and Gents of Lamplighters, we did it! I hereby present our first ever after school program! Thank you all for filling out the form, and for letting us know what electives you’re interested in-- the following options were directly informed by those choices.

Again, please keep in mind that to make any of the classes happen we need a minimum amount of kids registered.

Enrollment runs on a monthly basis and is priced at anywhere from $50 - $60 a month depending on the class (it comes out to $10-$15 per class). Please see below for pricing details.

Please be careful to pick up your child on time! There will be an additional late fee of $10 for every 10 minutes that you are late to pick up your child.

Remember, this is a pilot program and it’s our first time doing this-- we’re going to need your suggestions, feedback and help so that we can tweak and perfect this so that it could be even more amazing for next year! Please contact Sara with any and all feedback!




Class Schedule

After school programming will begin on Wednesday, May 23 and will run through Tuesday, June 19

About the Electives



Location: Lamplighters Main Building - MPR
Schedule: MON: LG+UG | FRI: LB+UB
Price: $60/month (supplies included)

Welcome to Robotics-- a very interactive course, that takes kids to through the basics of robotics construction and design, all the way through the advanced stages of programming and custom built robots, that follow commands and engage with their environment! This program incorporates STEM (science, engineering, technology and math) principles in every class.


Location: Lamplighters Boys Building Front Lawn
Schedule: WED: LB+UB
Price: $60 per month

The Speed Soccer curriculum focuses on providing kids with the knowledge and skills necessary to compete individually, while developing strong leadership habits and creating patterns of teamwork on the field. This class was created to provide an incredible, engaging, and fun activity, while providing students an all-around fitness program that develops agility, coordination, reflex and core strength.



Location: Lamplighters Yard
Schedule: TUE: LG+UG
Price: $60 per month

An incredible adventure through the land of natural sciences & sustainability practices available to even the smallest urban dwellers. This is an immersive platform for home gardening, inquisitive learning and hands hands on leadership training. This class is designed in a one of a kind way to safely make kids apply practical skills to becoming self sustaining through life long habits & knowledge.



Location: Lamplighters Basketball Court
Schedule: THU: LB+UB | WED: LG
Price: $50 per month
Instructors: Rabbi Yosef Loloyan | Morah Chana Lebovic



Location: Alternating between the Crown Heights Community Garden and Prospect Park
Schedule: FRI: LG+UG
Price: $50 per month
Instructor: Chezkel Barnett
max 6 students-- first come first serve

Connecting to nature is so vital to our sense of stability especially when living in the city.  Each week we will be meeting at Lamplighters after school on Friday and heading to Propect Park or The Crown Heights Community Garden for nature awareness games and activities.  They’ll learn to develop a personal connection to nature, begin survival skills training with shelter building, plant identification, animal behavior and safety, mapping skills, water procurement, and wilderness first aide planning for situations like what to do if a member in your group is injured or procedures to follow if you’re lost.  The lessons learned engender the need for sustainable practices, land management, outdoorsmanship, and wilderness safety.



Location: Lamplighters Main - Second Floor Garage
Schedule: TUE: LB+UB
Price: $60 per month

Krav Maga is an incredibly engaging elective-- it’s one of the world's best self defense method, developed for the military special forces. Krav Maga is insanely fun & very practical. It teaches simple but incredibly effective techniques to stay safe in the urban environment while combining physical development, sharpening of reflexes & fine tuning of motor skills. This is a very empowering program, some of the benefits are increased situational awareness, understanding the physics/biology/anatomy of the human body, improved focus, independence & assertiveness.


Location: Lamplighters Main Building - MPR
Schedule: FRI: LG
Price: $60 per month (supplies included)
Instructor: Channah Katz
max 10 students-- first come first serve

This series of classes will provide your child with exposure to all the basic skills of drawing including use of line, shape, shading and color in order to learn the language and tools of the Arts! 

Lesson 1- Intro to Art: We will learn about shape and color as well as use of gradation and blending using soft pastels. Students will create their own abstract drawing in this class. 

Lesson 2 - 2 Dimensional Drawing: We will discover how to create 2 -D  shapes through use of shading and shadowing. Student will create their own sketch of a 2 D object in charcoal. 

Lesson 3 - Still Life Drawing: We will learn skills for creating lines and training the eye to see as an artist! The lesson will explore perspective, composition and texture. Students will create their own still life drawing in pencil. 

Lesson 4 - Still Life Part 2: We will finalize our  drawings adding color and finishing touches with contrast to bring their masterpiece home!



Location: Lamplighters Main Building - MPR
Schedule: THU: LG+UG
Price: $60 per month (supplies included)
Instructor: Ana Berger

Students will learn the basics of hand sewing, how to thread a needle, and understand different types of stitches to build their skills each week as they explore new ways to create and embellish beautiful projects. Beginners projects include the completion of a tote bag, and learning the skills to add embellishments including buttons and beads.


Cello Lessons (Private)

Location: LL Main - Classroom
Schedule: Contact Sara at to schedule
Price: $280/month (1 hr sessions)
$140/month (30 min sessions)
Instructor: Laura Melnicoff
based on availability