Don’t let time pass you by. Every moment is special, every day uniquely powerful-- especially when filled with inspired learning and acts of goodness. And time at Lamplighters Yeshivah is like time on steroids.

Because from 9:00am onwards, our moments are saturated with non-stop learning, curiosity, sharing and pure, unfiltered words of Torah from the hearts of children. Filled-to-the-max days, hours, minutes and seconds-- the kind of time that’s worth double brownie points Up There. Imagine if you could harness the power of our little Lamplighters' learning during these special moments? Now is your chance.

Dedicate a day of our Lamplighters’ learning and fill up your tank with so much goodness. Whether in honor of your birthday, a loved one, an upcoming holiday or just because, pick a day to on our calendar and feel the blessings come your way. Your support will further energize our students-- and the myriad of illuminated ways they fill their time.

It’s about time. Pick your day. Set your pledge. Feel the blessings flow.

A Lamplighter’s day is up for grabs--seize the day.

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